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David W. Body is an experienced software developer and consultant with a background in economics and law.

My Services

From my experience working with companies and organizations of all sizes, I can tailor my services to fit your needs and budget.

Software Development

I build custom software including web applications, back-end services, and automated deployment solutions. I can assemble a team with the necessary skills and expertise for almost any project.

Software Consulting

Just need a little help or an experienced hand to guide you? I am happy to work with your existing software development team to provide whatever assistance you require.

Professional Mentoring

I enjoy mentoring and working with other software developers to help them improve their techincal and business skills including analysis, coding, test-first development, debugging, and deployment.

About David

As an experienced software developer, I’ve delivered working software systems for over 20 years using a wide variety of languages and technologies. My broad knowledge in business, data analysis, accounting, finance, economics, and law, paired with my solid understanding of software fundamentals, allows me to provide more than just code for my clients.

It’s incredibly important to me to build well-crafted software that empowers my clients to achieve their goals. I enjoy working with organizations who want to make the world a better place, and I try to do the same for my clients.

My Process

Because no two projects are alike, my process varies depending on the project and the rest of the development team. The one thing that doesn't vary is a focus on delivering value to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Before any code is written, I’ll work with you to begin developing requirements. Together, we’ll identify the problems that need to be solved and start formulating possible solutions. We’ll establish objectives and the project's overall vision and scope.
Together we'll choose appropriate technologies for your project. I have experience with many software technologies, programming languages, development frameworks, databases, automated testing approaches, deployment strategies, etc., and I'm constantly learning new ones.
Successful software development is an iterative process where we strive to constantly deliver working software, usually in relatively small chunks and always backed by a solid suite of automated tests. A key benefit is the ability to quickly respond to customer feedback and stay on track throughout the project.
We can maximize business value by developing desired features in priority order as determined by the customer. I also like to do any technically challenging work early in a project to put those technical risks behind us and make sure there are no surprises later on.
It's helpful to set up separate staging and production environments early in the project, and to automate the deployment process as completely as possible. This enables us to deliver software updates quickly and confidently.

Years of Experience






David worked with our team at Merchants Bonding for 2+ years and added a great deal of value. Not only did David bring with him solid technical skills, but also skills related to how to deliver quality, well-tested technology to production. He is thorough, studies the industry and continues to evolve his skills, and is thoughtful in his approach to solving problems.

Brad Rasmussen, CIO, Merchants Bonding Company

David's background as an attorney at law, as well as his business knowledge, have provided us with a unique insight and consultation into our projects well above and beyond just the IT needs.

Jon Muller, Partner, ISFIS, Inc.